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Wild Lands that only the Brave may enter.

The City of Four Hills stands at the edge of a vast wilderness, never conquered by civilized empires. In quieter times, small enclaves had been carved out of the wilds, but they now lie in ruins, overrun by monsters and savage races.

Standing tall over the wilderness is a massive peak called Shattered Mountain. Though there are other mountains in the area, Shattered Mountain stands more than twice as tall as the next highest peak. There are few places that cannot be said to be in the shadow of the mountain, it defines one’s position. The City of Four Hills is said to be Southwest of the mountain, rather than Northeast of the capitol.

The Empire has grown quiet and stagnant. Every year people pull a little further within their borders, outlying hamlets are abandoned as people shrink away from the wilds. Will the adventurers have the will to strike out into the untamed regions? Or will they shrink away, as so many have done before?

The Party – How you got here.

Two years ago, there was a rebellion in the Empire extensive enough to require the recruiting and training of young and enthusiastic men and women. The Imperial armies gathered up town militia, acolytes, wizard’s apprentices, sellswords, anyone with the will to fight and enough skill or talent to be useful. Your character was one of those recruited, and it was during that rebellion that you discovered you had the ability for greatness in battle. It was among the Irregulars that you reached 1st level.

Once the rebellion was ended, the Empire found itself with an excess of soldiers. Not wanting to loose a legion of unemployed sell-swords on the Imperium, the surviving Irregulars were sent out to remote areas of the Empire to act as border guards and rangers.

The unit your character was a part of was sent to the city of Four Hills, far in the Northeast. At first, the unit did some patrolling of the local area. Soon, the Count that rules the city decided it would be much easier to simply ignore the wilds outside his city, and withdraw the effective borders of the Empire to the walls of his city.

With no need for patrols, the entire unit of Irregulars in Four Hills was disbanded. Most of the unit left the city, seeking work in other places. You’d gotten some good combat bonuses during the rebellion, and didn’t fancy the life of a craftsman or farmer. Unfortunently, those combat bonuses have nearly run out, and there’s no work in the peaceful and stagnant empire for a free blade.

Your only choices are to give up the warrior’s life, become a peasant, or to strike out into the wilds, and see what kind of fortune can be made out there.

At the Doors of Shattered Mountain

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