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Restless Dead: At the city market, traders from the small settlements on the moors will sometimes tell a tale of seeing a ghost. Most report seeing it at a distance, and claim it sang with a woman’s voice.

Scaled Vermin: Hunters and trappers in the taprooms claim that scaly beasts are taking up residence in the ruined city of Celestia. Nothing the size of Dragons, but dangerous looking creatures for sure.

Bandits: Every year it seems like there are more bandits. For some reason, they never attack the city or the caravans going into the Empire. The common wisdom is that there must still be enough of value to scavenge in all the abandoned settlements for bandits to make a living. Few are tempted to fight bandits for the wealth that must be lying about, however.

Goblins: Just last month, a guard on the city walls claims he spotted a patrol of Goblins within sight of his post. Most discount the story as an attempt to get free drinks with a good yarn. Monsters would never dare approach a city as large as Four Hills.


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