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Nearby Regions

Those regions visible from the city walls are known as ‘near’. While they are wild, the city has some influence, huge monsters and large movements of savage raiders do not generally move within sight of the walls.

  • Four Hills: A walled city with a river passing through it. The last bastion of civilization in the Northeast of the Empire.
  • The Northmarch: Moors, pastures, and rolling hills near the city. Now that Four Hills no longer patrols the Northmarch, there are rumors of bandits, and even Goblins.
  • Ruins of Celestia: Once a great city, with a mandate to civilize the whole area. It fell long ago, and now lies ruined. It is located far into the Northmarch.
  • Deep Green: A thick forest of Evergreens in the foothills of the mountains. Mysterious Elves make their home here, and fell creatures of faerie discourage casual visits.
  • Lyranees: The mountains that are visible from the city are named for an ancient spirit named Lyra. They say her children still watch the wild places here.
  • Mist Fens: A marsh lies downriver of the city. It was abandoned when some frog-like creatures took residence here.
  • Shattered Mountain: The mighty mountain is itself an entire region. Its slopes are vast, and there are rumors of hidden caves and tunnel networks.

Far Regions

These places are totally untamed, beyond even the smallest influence of the Empire. What lies out here is merely rumored, and feared. Even the maps of these places are uncertain.

  • Shale Valley: A rocky pass through the Lyranees. It is said to be haunted.
  • Goldstone Heights: All anyone remembers about the mountains on the other side of the Lyranees is that Gold was minded there, once.
  • Hightop: A majestic plateau, where great beasts are said to walk.
  • Purple Hills: Strange things happened here, no two stories or legends about them agree, and the histories contradict each other as well.
  • The Black Forest: A wood so vast and dense that they say even the Elves do not know exactly what lies there.
  • Citadel City: Said to be a mighty fortress and city made entirely of marble. No one can agree where in the wilds it is, or who was said to have created it. Every race in the Empire claims it was their race who built it. All agree it was a place of wonders, where legendary magics were casually used to create a paradise.


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