Four Hills

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The City of Four Hills is a mighty city of the Empire, a proud edifice to civilization and culture. It makes no difference that Four Hills lies at the very edge of the Empire. With more than twenty thousand souls living in the city itself, and many outlying towns and villages along the King’s Road toward the Empire, it is a lively place.

There are always entertainments to be enjoyed, taverns with their doors open, markets selling goods from across the Empire. The Count’s balls and parties are legendary, more than once the Emperor himself has graced Four Hills with a visit.

The people of Four Hills pay no heed to the wilds beyond their walls. Anything important or good comes from the Empire. Shattered Mountain is too enormous and prominant to ignore, but the mountain requires little in the way of active thought. It is simply there, the area’s most impressive landmark.

Notable Places

The Brass Goblet: Not the city’s best inn, it has the advantage of being in a part of town where the guards aren’t summoned to break up a fight unless weapons are drawn. Before the Irregulars were disbanded, this was the unit’s official inn. The Irregulars that remained in the city still drink here on a regular basis.

Four Hills

At the Doors of Shattered Mountain Drascus